The MBA Student of the Year Award, sponsored by The Wall Street Journal, is well-established in the MBA arena as an accolade for exceptional achievement, inspirational leadership, and ambassadorial power.


 Antoinette Catonia Mia Bailey, CUHK Business School

As a social entrepreneur, Antoinette’s commitment to creating a positive impact for society and the environment can be seen through her various roles, both academically and professionally. During her MBA, Antoinette was elected President of the Student Association, Harvard Business School HPAIR Entrepreneurship and Technology delegate. She also founded the InterMBA Asia initiative to create a sharing economy between Hong Kong’s best and brightest Business Schools. Antoinette has a proven track record in innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social enterprise and she is currently in the process of launching a technology product targeting social impact and sustainability causes.

Highly Commended 

Juan Víctor Fajardo from IESA