Meet our Gala Dinner and Excellence Awards Partners 2018

T he Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is the world’s leading business news source bringing unparalleled markets coverage and industry scoops to the most ambitious, influential and affluent people in the world. Readers rely on The Wall Street Journal’s unrivalled coverage and global perspective to inform their key business decisions. 

Liaison International

Liaison International
helps higher education institutions better identify, recruit, and enrol best-fit students. Schools rely on its admissions management and marketing automation solutions to reach prospective students, streamline administrative tasks, and create exceptional experiences for applicants. With 25 years of experience, Liaison works with 5,000 programmes on 800 campuses and process more than one million applications annually.

Peregrine Academic Services 

Peregrine Academic Services solves accreditation challenges with customised academic solutions to improve the quality of higher education throughout the US and the world.

Peregrine is the globally recognised leader in providing online exam services related to programmatic assessment, academic leveling, and APA writing style competency. Programmatic assessment exams are available for a variety of academic degree programmes including the Global Business Education, for which these services are available in Spanish, French, German, Mongolian, Russian, and Portuguese with regional and country-specific aggregate comparison pools. These services are customised to the academic programme and designed to address institutional and programmatic accreditation requirements related to quality, accountability, and continuous improvement.

Additionally, Peregrine provides leadership development and academic consulting services for higher education institutions and academic organisations. For universities looking to offer online graduate programmes in business management with an emphasis on leadership, Peregrine provides the curriculum and the content for such programmes.