Leadership: from adequate to awesome

'In order to be a great leader, you have to be more than a little bit crazy...'

All too often, the people who show their emotions in workplaces have been considered weak at best and irrational and unprofessional at worst.

But could the tides be turning? Could the best leaders be those who are prepared to show colleagues their true colours?

These are the differentiators between being adequate, (like a mindless, computer or drone) and being a trailblazer. Several of the commentators in this issue weren't afraid to put their passions and purpose into action, go against the curve and break the mould. As you read through the articles in this month’s Ambition, keep this in mind.

Some of the ideas may seem a bit weird, but surely the greatest innovations have all been perceived as 'crazy' to begin with...


  • Reflect on your leadership style to fulfil your potential Identifying your values and purpose will help you move from adequate leader to inspirational leader, writes Eugenio Pirri

  • Exploring the digital marketing revolution To create and communicate superior customer value, marketers must now combine traditional advertising with social and digital tools, argues American marketing guru Philip Kotler, in an exclusive interview with David Woods-Hale.

  • Less pain, more gain: why the tortoise can beat the hare in investment strategy The benefits of low-volatility investing outweigh those of high-risk stocks, argues Pim van Vliet, Founder of international asset management firm Robeco

  • Mastering mobile internet strategy in China Amid the creative destruction of traditional industry sectors in China, internet plus is enabling the identification of new business models, and no more so than in the movie industry, writes Winston Ma, Managing Director of China Investment Corporation.

  • Would you put sustainability before a high salary? AMBA’s global study of more than 3,000 MBA graduates shows sustainable business ranks as highly as high salary, when it comes to choosing where to work

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