How The CIO leadership team at Orange drive digital transformation

 Orange is an international telecoms operator and a household name across the UK. Only founded in the early 1990s and entirely focused on technology, there is no question that Orange is a modern company. They understand that in the 21st century firms need to keep swimming lest they sink. The consumer of the present and the future is nothing like their counterpart from the past. A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach just doesn’t work anymore, customers expect and demand to be treated as individuals.

In a bid to transform their digital offering the former Chief Information Officer at Orange, Pascal Viginier, embarked on a huge digital transformation project. He knew the team needed to look at things differently in order to remain competitive.

Pascal used The GC Index®, a revolutionary new framework, to help understand how the team could drive innovation. But also to empower individuals to transform the way they do things to drive performance and achieve innovation goals.

Unlike many psychometric tests, innovation frameworks, and team assessments, The GC Index® focuses on how individuals and teams make their impact. It creates a language to better discuss leadership, impact and collaboration. It helps individuals and teams understand themselves better, discover where their skills lie and how they need to work in order to make a game-changing impact.

The entire CIO Global Leadership team at Orange completed The GC Index®. All of them received their individual GC Index profile – scientific and highly individual information. Once everyone understood how they themselves contribute and make an impact, a team workshop was held so that they could all share and explore their natural preferences as a group.

There are many different ways to lead, and just because someone doesn’t fit the stereotype doesn’t mean they can’t be effective and insightful. The GC Index® framework helps eradicate any unconscious bias that may exist.

It identifies five key roles that are needed for a team to deliver success:

  • The Strategist – Maps the future
  • The Implementer – Builds the future
  • The Polisher – Creates a future to be proud of
  • The Play Maker – Orchestrates the future
  • The Game Changer – Transforms The Future

Imagine an approach to leadership that is not so much about personality and a way of acting, as it is about providing the licence and freedom at work to explore your natural inclinations. This is the approach the CIO Leadership team at Orange is taking.

In addition to the four roles outlined above, the GC Index® identifies a whole host of ‘multi-dimensional leadership styles’.  For instance, within the CIO leadership team at Orange the three most prominent styles were: 

  • Contemporary
  • Charismatic
  • Visionary

An example of a Contemporary Leader would be German Chancellor Angela Merkel, someone who maps and orchestrates the future. Charismatic Leaders meanwhile also seek to orchestrate the future, but transform it as well. Richard Branson for instance. Finally, Visionary Leaders, such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk map and transform the future.

Understanding how everyone within the CIO leadership team was going to make an impact as an individual enabled them to assess how they were going to achieve their collective goals.

These are far from the only leadership styles. In fact The GC Index® identifies ten different styles within its multi dimensional leadership framework. Others include the Inventive Leader e.g. Coco Chanel, the Creative Problem Solver e.g. Henry Ford and the Leader by Example, which include the likes of Martin Luther King.

What The GC Index® framework and language has done is given team members more self-confidence and improved the acceptance of diversity.  As Pascal Viginier, Group CIO at Orange explained: ‘The GC Index® has provided a framework to ensure we have the right mix of people on our team and we are starting to see superior performance as a result. If I have to lead a digital transformation project again it will be with the TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and The GC Index® by my side from the get-go.’

AMBA has teamed up with The GC Index to carry out important research exploring leadership and team dynamics.

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