Keeping Energy Levels up When Running a Small Business

 Big companies are often so multi-layered that an inherent feeling of disconnect comes about between staff members. Levels and departments divide the workforce, and many will never have any direct interaction with their colleagues. However, the constantly changing environment keeps people on their toes, and moving in the right direction.

Smaller businesses tend to experience a different dynamic. Although there is often a much more familial feeling to a smaller business, this can allow everybody to get a little bit too comfortable, to the detriment of energy levels. Nothing good comes of a team of people sat stagnant at their desks.

So what can be done to maintain close working relationships, that encourage a change of pace?

Stretch and play

Provide an area in your workplace that can give people a place of solace from their desks. Sitting for long periods is oddly tiring, both physically and mentally, so a sofa and coffee table, or just a clear patch where people can get up, walk up and down and get the blood flowing again, can work wonders. Games, such as an Xbox, pool table or simple deck of cards can help break up the day and renew energy.

Paint the town

It’s easy for offices – particularly those rented from uncompromising landlords – to be very bland and unexciting to look at, so inject some vibrancy into your working environment to improve your employees’ energy levels.

Research has suggested that brighter colours, such as greens and blues, activate neurons in our brains that increase energy levels, so even if you can’t paint the place, get some brightly coloured cushions, seat covers, posters, and whatever else you can find. Work with the theme of your office and see where colour and pattern can be added to make your office a more inviting and engaging place to be.

Work to the beat

As unlikely as it seems, scientists have found that working to music has an energising effect, so make music a central part of your day to day work, and switch it up. Give radio station selection to a different person every day, and put together special office playlists that cater to a mix of everybody’s tastes. If it works better for your team, permit individual headphones, so those who choose can energise themselves with music, which won’t bother others if they prefer the silence.

It’s important to ensure that things don’t get too repetitive. Further research has found that repetitive music can have negative repercussions on brain function – this scenario may feel familiar to those who have been subjected to the same workplace CD every day for years - so make sure that your musical accompaniment is varied and refreshing.

Healthy snacking

The infamous ‘office diet’ is a lifestyle slump that needs overcoming. Needless to say, our moods and performances are highly dependent on decent food, and snacking is a common thing in an office environment. Wanting to grab something quick and easy at work leaves many people eating foods that do their energy levels more harm than good.

So encourage beneficial snacks, and provide jugs of filtered water and bowls of nuts, seeds and dried fruit in place of coffee and the biscuit tin. Replacing high-sugar content, which often leaves you with less energy than you started with, with snacks high in beneficial vitamins, nutrients and fats, will turn out increased performance from employees, thanks to better kinds of energy.

Creativity from flexibility

Smaller businesses are more agile which means that creativity and flexibility can be implemented company-wide with relative ease. A monotonous workload is a common cause of office-based lethargy, so look at ways in which you can unlock creativity, embrace flexibility and shake up what you can – after all variety is the spice of life. Research has shown that creativity is often received with enthusiasm, which in turn encourages a renewed sense of passion, which is so energising for a small business.

Employees can also make more of their own lifestyle changes in their own time, such as getting more sleep, playing when they want to place, which will have beneficial effects on their energy levels. Do what you can to make your small business a more energising place to work, and the rewards will be evident in performance and business results.

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