MBA Stories: Matthew Dixon

Prior to starting his MBA at London Business School, Matthew’s professional experience was primarily in the oil and gas service provider sector with Petrofac Facilities Management Limited. He started out as a Mechanical Engineer before progressing through project engineering and into engineering and project coordination. His experience was primarily around offshore topsides project work. His last job was helping manage the decommissioning of the BP Miller asset in the British North Sea. He was awarded the Sainsbury Management Fellows (SMF) Scholarship.

 What was the most challenging part of applying for the SMF scholarship?
The most challenging part was reading through the bios of the current fellows, and believing that I was what the SMF might be looking for. After reading further into the SMF and what the values are, I realised that I connected strongly with the fellowship and its objectives. I am delighted I took the time to apply.

What does winning the scholarship mean to you?
Apart from the financial help with completing the MBA, it provides a unique networking opportunity for me. It also means being part of a fellowship which is actively trying to change the face of engineering in the UK, which is something I am privileged to be a part of.

What advice would you give an applicant for the SMF scholarship?
The SMF is looking to expand the fellowship to cover a diverse group of engineering MBA students who can hopefully become future business leaders, and with this, help to grow and empower the next generation of British engineers. Therefore my advice would be to be really honest and open about who you are and tell them within your application and interview.

What is your first impression of Business School?
It has only been a few weeks, but I love it so far, especially the diversity of the intake at LBS. It is truly one of, if not, the most diverse MBA intakes globally. Meeting everyone from around the world has been an amazing experience. I have learnt a lot from just listening to their own unique stories. There have also been a lot of great conversations.

How do you think your MBA skills will take you forward in your career?
The MBA will help me to develop the areas of business that I have not had the exposure to yet or managed to experience. This will leave me as a more rounded person when I complete my MBA in terms of technical business knowledge. It will also help me to really interrogate my leadership capabilities, and therefore enhance these significantly over the next two years. I also firmly believe that the friendships I make over the next two years will help me to get the most out of life and by association, my career.