MBA Stories: Rajesh Jagadish

 Rajesh Jagadish is an alumnus of the Executive MBA programme at HEC Paris in Doha. He’s currently working as Head of TV and Multimedia Business at one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies, Ooredoo, headquartered in Qatar.

Was the MBA was stressful? I would say no, but challenging? Yes, definitely. Managing your work, family and finding the time to study for 18 months can be very demanding but, without a question, it is worth every minute. In my opinion, an MBA is a lifetime investment.

Before I began my MBA, I completed an Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication degree and subsequently landed my first job as a senior technician at Emirates Airlines. While on the move from engineering roles towards more managerial roles, for the last seven years I have at worked at Ooredoo, the international telecommunications company headquartered in Doha, Qatar.

Ooredoo has given me the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder, providing me with the skills and tools necessary to become an expert in my field, something I will always be grateful for.

However, a few years ago I realised that in many ways, my knowledge was limited to just engineering. I was missing out on the bigger picture and the entire strategy of a business. I decided that I had to make a change, and therefore pursued an Executive MBA course with HEC Paris, on the campus in Qatar.

Before I began the course, I was completely focused on just using the MBA to increase my knowledge, but now I have finished it, I can honestly say I’m a completely different person. I now question everything, challenge the status quo, and embrace change, something that i never did before my MBA.

In fact, the entire MBA experience has been life-changing and given me new insights into myself. From the first module that examines your leadership skills, to studying marketing, strategy, operations, human resources and finally concluding with the leadership in context module, which encourages you to reflect on how you have changed as a leader with opinions from superiors, colleagues and peers.

In addition to business excellence taught in the classroom the mobility option gave me the opportunity to go to China and Paris where I learnt much more about the cultures of different countries and how they progress strategically towards a national vision or goal. The trips included inspirational talks from speakers and dignitaries from their local governments and a variety of industry leaders. It was an inspiring experience that I would never have had without the Executive MBA.

While the faculty have been top class, I think that I have learned the most from my diverse group of 45 peers from 30 different nationalities. Apart from learning how much culture influences decision making, my peers have given me insights into how different organisations work. The diversity of people in the classroom created an exceptional learning environment, which we all benefited from.

Since completing the course, the skills I’ve learned from the MBA have been extremely useful not only in enhancing my ability to think 'outside the box', but because it has given me the confidence and ability to help in other departments at work. This includes enabling strategy, communication between departments, marketing where I created an action plan to increase revenue by 49%, and digital transformation in which I undertook a project to digitalise the customer experience and reduce wait time online.

I truly believe that I have empowered the workforce around me simply by understanding that different people are motivated by different things which is something my MBA taught me and I have successfully implemented within Ooredoo.

The 18-month MBA course truly developed my people skills. I have learned to listen more, make more accurate decisions and ignore my biases. I have seen my conflict management skills improve and I can now see the bigger problem rather than just looking at the tip of the iceberg.

Throughout this journey, I have gained a wider knowledge on my surroundings enabling me to practice 'the more you know the more you dare' mantra which I think applies to all HEC alumnus, including me, and I could not be prouder to be part of this great institution.


Rajesh Jagadish talks about how the knowledge and experience he gained from his MBA at HEC Paris has helped him throughout his career at Ooredoo, one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies.