Views from the top, feet back on the ground | What I learned from my first AMBA event.

By Richie Teh, Regional Manager ANZ, Scientia Ltd

In the weeks since the curtain came down on AMBA’s 50th Anniversary Global Conference in Dubai, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on its take-home points. As a commercial partner, it’s an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities in the sector, and to meet some of those behind best-in-class post-graduate business education globally.

The sheer quality of the experience aside, two things stood out for me at Global – my first AMBA event. The first is how fast-paced and forward-looking the business school sector is. Every other presentation seemed to be about an imagined – yet tangible – future where Things Are Better, replete with a plan on how to get there. The titles of the sessions alone were an indication of that: change, progress, innovation, evolution – not meaningless ‘LinkedIn Bingo’ buzzwords, but a clarion call to those driving the sector forward to pre-empt, understand and react to an ever-changing world. It was inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong: there’s plenty of dynamism and innovation in higher education. Many of our clients are leading research universities, and all are concerned with making meaningful and measurable improvements in the organisation and management of their programmes. Nonetheless, Global was the time I’ve heard ‘career management approaches for those involved with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning’ discussed!

The second notable theme was that of globalisation and partnerships – and the two very much go hand-in-hand, to my mind. The session on the best way to find and negotiate suitable partnerships struck a chord with me and my Scientia colleagues. Just as educational partnerships enable institutions to offer an enriched learning experience, both culturally and academically, our partnerships with other technology firms enable both parties to broaden their offer and reach, whilst maintaining their identity and independence. At the same time, valuable learning occurs from sharing in each other’s culture.

Ruminating on this, I thought of our own well-received presentation on Space Management the previous day at Global. I thought how different our presentation on this subject would be next year – precisely because of a new partnership which delivers a wholly better solution for our clients. Our head office is in the UK, that partner is Dutch, and I am writing this from Australia, highlighting again the importance and benefits of globalisation, and the ease with which we can work internationally today. Partnerships work entirely because they are more than the sum of their parts; they add value, often sparking further unintended and beneficial outcomes.

We have long classed our relationships with clients – some of which have been going almost as long as the Company itself – as partnerships. We want our customers to be active and engaged in the development of the solutions they use. They are created with them, for them. I very much got the sense that AMBA takes a similar approach with its schools and membership – a two-way process which enables growth and development all round. That’s heartening to see, and I can’t wait to see where the Global Conference takes us all next year.

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