Surviving in the Male-Dominated Business World

 Most of the business world is dominated by men. But more recently, there has been a rise in the number of businesses owned by women.

This has led to questions such as: ‘How do we deal with male businesses partners and competitors in the industry?’

My first answer is to hard work. Hard work pays off and women can be successful based on the effort, time, love and care they put into their business

In our organisation, I work with the principle that if you are going to do something then it needs to be done well. This means that I can rely on people to give their best.

This principle stemmed from the desire to create healthy products for our family and friends. From this, I found that you are more likely to succeed and feel less intimidated by your competitors if you put your all into everything you have to offer.

I also believe that health and beauty cosmetics are in a woman’s field of interest, which gives us more of an advantage about knowing what women need, want and expect from natural cosmetic products.

My second answer to the question is don’t be afraid to speak your mind and work with men who have more experience.

I have learned many business skills from top business men, which has helped me to understand how men think from a business and financial perspective. This has made dealing with men much easier and straight forward, which has raised my self-confidence and given me the motivation to aim higher and not worry about being intimidated by people who may challenge my ideas.

My next point is make sure that you are passionate about what you sell. I do not feel the need to work double as hard to prove myself in the cosmetics industry because I have a deep belief in the products.

The organisations main aims is to raise awareness of the health and beauty benefits of using organic and natural products and to educate our customers about the new ingredients we use in them. This makes it a more personal project for us, and we define success in seeing our customers benefit from our products.

A combination of passion, hard work and confidence can help any woman to survive in the male dominated business world. This combination can help to eliminate cultural and sexist attitudes and can even create support from men who admire women’s’ drive. 

Men who are intimidated by a women’s success are the ones who normally stop the company from being successful. This leads me to my final point. In order to overcome obstacles it is important to prepare your personality to deal with a large variety of people before you push your business into the market. It is important to feel strong, respected, determined, passionate, empowered, patient and confident when you are surrounded by people who may try to bring you down.

If you are someone who is sensitive and easily affected by negative and sexist comments from men then their intimidation is likely to put you off and the business is unlikely to succeed. In these cases, I often recommend personal development courses who have great business ideas, talents, skills and aspirations.

I believe that it is important to seize all the opportunities you are given to start a business and spend your life working on something you love and care about, regardless of how many men dominate the business world. With the right personality, work ethic and determination you can meet your goals and be successful.

By Dr. Mona Alyedreessy, Owner of Azara Beautique. More information can be found at