Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana joins World’s Elite MBA Providers With AMBA Accreditation

PRESS RELEASE: 26th July 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana (the FELU) has officially received accreditation from The Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the leading authorities on postgraduate business education.

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education and is earned only by the best post graduate management programmes. Only the top 2% of the world’s business schools are accredited by AMBA in their Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Management (MBM) and Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programmes.

AMBA’s rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest-calibre programmes, which demonstrate the best standards in teaching, curriculum, and student interaction achieve AMBA accreditation. Its accreditation is international in scope and reach and the organisation work with senior academics at top educational institutions around the world, to continuously update its accreditation policies and maintain its unique, in-depth and detailed approach.

AMBA believes accredited programmes should be of the highest standard and reflect changing trends and innovation in postgraduate management education and as such its accreditation process reflects this commitment to fostering innovation and challenges business schools to continuously perform at the highest level.

The FELU was established in 1946 and forms an integral part of the University of Ljubljana. The FELU is the leading institution of higher education in business and economics in Slovenia with a well-established brand in Europe and worldwide.

“With the AMBA accreditation, the FELU has now become the first institution in Slovenia - and in the region - to attain the Triple Crown accreditation, holding the three most renowned international accreditations - EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. For seven decades we have worked together to develop and modernise our institution and act as a catalyst of progress and change. We have always strived to promote education, research, innovation and knowledge in the local and international communities. This longstanding tradition in business education is now crowned with the AMBA accreditation, which gives us the highest possible recognition in the field of business education. I am truly proud to be able to share this wonderful achievement with you.”

Professor Metka Tekavčič, Dean

“From the beginning, our goal on the FELU MBA has always been to release the potential of our students and expand their horizons. To achieve that, we have often pushed them out of their comfort zones and tossed them out into the ocean for them to learn how to navigate. I’m proud that when they finish the programme, they are ambitious, the ethical boundaries and the sky are the only limits they have and also what makes me proud is that this path has taken us where we are now, is the one which also awarded us with this prestigious accreditation”.

Professor Andreja Cirman, MBA Programme Director

“It is great to see the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana join the most elite club of global business schools: those with Triple Accreditation, also known as the “Triple Crown”.

“This exclusive club of about 75 institutions worldwide meets the highest standards of all three global business school accrediting bodies: AMBA (London), EQUIS (Brussels) and AACSB (Tampa, US).

“The Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana runs an outstanding MBA marked by very strong connections to the corporate world in Slovenia and the wider region. With its stellar reputation and visionary leadership, it has fully deserved its AMBA accreditation, officially awarded in July 2016.”

Mr George Iliev, Director of development markets at AMBA

Upon receiving AMBA accreditation, all current MBA students and recent alumni of the FELU are invited to join AMBA’s global member community of more than 18,500 students and alumni in more than 100 countries, for networking, thought leadership, career development and a variety of perks and benefits.

AMBA Chief Executive Andrew Main Wilson said:

‘AMBA is a truly global business organisation and the only accrediting body that specifically focuses on accrediting MBA programmes.

‘We are very particular about who we accredit. In fact AMBA accredits less than 5% of the world entire portfolio of business schools. Operating as both an accreditation and membership organisation, AMBA is unique in the postgraduate management field, as it brings together the business leaders of tomorrow with the thought leaders of today.

‘With its accreditation the FELU joins the world’s leading business schools. We value working closely with them and AMBA’s MBA members to ensure outstanding postgraduate management education continues to be the top priority for employers, governments and ambitious executives who will become the global business leaders of the future.’


Notes to Editors



  • The FELU is part of an elite group of business schools worldwide with the Triple Crown accreditations – EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.
  • The FELU’s tourism programmes also hold the UNWTO’s prestigious TedQualinternational accreditation. The international business graduate programme of the FELU holds the European CeQuInt (Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation) certificate in the field of internationalisation.


  • The FELU offers Bologna-type programmes in all three cycles (3+2+3 structure). FELU students can choose from among 17 study programmes on three different study levels (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral). Almost all of them are aimed at an international audience and are thus offered in English. Several double and joint degree programmes with renowned schools are also offered.
  • The FELU MBA programme offers an upgrade of practical knowledge in economics and business to leading staff with several years of work experience.


  • The FELU student community is the largest student community in Slovenia with passing on knowledge from the area of economics and business to over 5,300 students per year.
  • The FELU is building an open-minded student society.


  • The quality, expertise and composition of the academic and professional staff importantly contribute to the FELU’s overall quality. FELU faculty members participate in different academic and staff exchange programmes and have rich international experience.
  • The FELU is home to many prominent international professors from respected universities around the globe.


  • The FELU is an institution with a long tradition and over 165 qualified and experienced researchers in the field of business and economics.
  • The FELU’s core faculty members regularly produce original contributions to knowledge that are effective disseminated worldwide. Papers published include FT 45 journals, top interdisciplinary journals and leading journals in specific fields.


  • To provide our student with the best possible career and personal development, the FELU is involved in more than 190 international agreements with partner institutions from 44 different countries.
  • The FELU's Summer School – Take the Best from East & West– is one of the biggest and most popular in the area of economic and business sciences in Europe.
  • The Confucius Instituteat the FELU is the only business institute in this part of Europe.


  • The FELU family stretches across the globe. With over 10,000 Alumni members the FELU Alumni is the biggest community of business and economics graduates in Slovenia.
  • The FELU’s Alumni are key members of the FELU’s Business Advisory Board and Programme Steering Committees and play and important role in the FELU’s external governance and programme design.


  • With knowledge, integrity and innovation the FELU creates and contributes to sustainable development.
  • The FELU community are guided by the FELU’s core values where the emphasis is on Integrity, Cooperation, Responsibly, Knowledge and Academic Freedom.


  • The FELU’s programmes in the field of executive education have the longest tradition in such education among Slovenian education and training institutions.
  • The FELU cooperates with the business world and enjoys the support of the Business Advisory Board, which is made up of respected Slovenian business leaders.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE FELU AT http://www.ef.uni-lj.si/en.


  • AMBA currently accredits programmes at over 230 business schools in more than 70 different countries. AMBA is the only professional membership association connecting MBA students and graduates, accredited business schools and MBA employers in more than 110 countries.
  • For students, the decision to take an MBA represents a major commitment, both in terms of time and money. In a crowded and complex market, our accreditation provides a reliable list of meticulously tested programmes and ensures that students' investments are rewarded with the finest business education available, which will have a demonstrable impact on their careers.
  • Employerslooking to acquire the best managers and future business leaders know that graduates of our accredited programmes have received the highest quality and most relevant management education. To recruit a graduate from one of our accredited programmes is to recruit top talent.
  • Accreditation gives business schoolsinternational credibility and status. The number of MBA qualifications available worldwide is now in the thousands, but only a small percentage of these would achieve accreditation if they were submitted to our rigorous international criteria. AMBA accreditation identifies programmes as the best available. The developmental nature of our accreditation process often helps business schools spot potential shortcomings in their programmes, and our comprehensive and consultative report outlines recommendations for improving provision in the future. Find out more about becoming a AMBA accredited business school.
  • AMBA Membershipmeans that MBA Graduates can network with one another, knowing that they are connecting with individuals from the best global MBA programmes. Our member services provided to graduates from AMBA accredited business schools include careers support, job portals, networking opportunities, access to the latest research, and CPD events and training. MBA graduates know that AMBA accreditation opens doors and opportunities for them.
  • Find out more at mbaworld.com

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