We’re at the centre of disruptive change

Peter Lacy, Accenture, Ambition MagazineAccording to the Chinese, a crisis consists of two things – a challenge and an opportunity – and this couldn’t be more true when considering the state of our global environment and depletion of Earth’s natural resources.

It is unlikely that businesses will be able to sustain economic growth on the scale they hope for, during the decades to come, unless leaders – and leaders of the future - design a new way of working and manufacturing.

Peter Lacy, global managing director of sustainability services at Accenture and co-author of Waste to Wealth The Circular Economy Advantage, is an advisor to the UN, and to the World Economic Forum, on the issue of sustainability, and in particular the concept of circular economy: moving from a linear model of take, make, waste to a cyclical model of take, make, take, make. True, this shift will be easier said than done, but in March, Lacy addressed AMBA’s Global Conference in Venice and he was pulling no punches.

‘We’re at the centre of disruptive change,’ he explained. ‘The fourth industrial revolution – whether that’s the right term or not. We’re entering an extraordinary disruptive phase. And circular economy is at the confluence of strategy, sustainability and technology. 

Find out more in an exclusive write up of Peter Lacy’s presentation in AMBA’s brand new member magazine AMBITION launching on 25 May 2016