James Wilson OBE, Founding Member, Business Graduates Association (Now AMBA)

Jimmy is an MBA graduate from Harvard and is a past President of the Harvard Business School Club of London. A trustee of the family foundations since 1970, in his business career he was responsible for the marketing of Kennomeat and Kattomeat which achieved a 20% share of the pet food market in the 1960s, which provides most of the wealth in Barcapel.

In 2008 he retired from the Barcapel Board of Trustees to become the foundation’s Chief Executive and oversees the day to day running and administration of Barcapel’s activities. A long standing supporter of Scotland’s heritage, he was, for over 25 years, Chairman of the Management Committee of the Scottish Civic Trust. He is actively involved in the National Trust for Scotland. He was awarded on OBE in 1984 for “charitable activity in Scotland”.

Watch as James Wilson OBE, one of seven original founding members, shares his story behind the creation of the Business Graduates Association (now AMBA).