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Imperial CollegeThe Imperial MBA is renowned for being hosted within a world-leading Science and Technology university. And, while it's true that it's a wonderful place to examine the fusion of business and technology, we are also pleased to announce that two of the world's leading experts on financial contagion have left top US universities to head Imperial's Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis.

The Brevan Howard Centre will be headed by Professor Franklin Allen and Professor Douglas Gale. Frequent collaborators, Professors Allen and Gale, are renowned for their pioneering research into financial crises and market contagion - that is, when relatively small shocks in financial institutions spread and grow, severely damaging the wider economy. The Centre has been hailed by leading figures in government, economics and academia on both sides of the Atlantic, including former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers who said it will "make our financial system work better and make financial policy much wiser."

The Centre has been launched thanks to one of the largest donations in business education history, from Brevan Howard, the world's third largest hedge fund, at the behest of its co-founder Alan Howard, an Imperial alumnus (MEng Chemical Engineering & Chemical Technology 1986). The formation of the Centre marks "a leap forward for Imperial College Business School," according to Dean Professor G. "Anand" Anandalingam.

Top tips for a standout MBA application

Quick facts about the Imperial MBA:

  • A small, personal MBA - 65 students
  • We have 49% women in our 2013 cohort
  • 35% British, 65% International
  • Average work experience is 7 years

Our 'Application Process' section gives you the nuts and bolts of making an MBA application, but you might be wondering how to put together a "great" application. We asked Phil Carter, Head of MBA Marketing and Recruitment, to give some top tips to make your application stand out.

Create an MBA timeline

  • What are the deadlines and differing requirements of your target schools?
  • What does each school require in terms of GMAT, English? Do your target schools require those upfront, or will they make conditional offers?
  • GMAT study time - the average applicant is said to spend 100 hours on study time. How are you going to fit this in, and over what period?
  • Are there any additional requirements you need to consider e.g. submitting an essay?
  • Any other requirements, e.g. at Imperial, we also require a video pitch.

One size doesn't fit all

We often get asked 'What does the ideal candidate look like?' and 'How do you weight each of the admissions criteria?' There is no 'one size fits all' answer to these questions. We do look for leadership potential, motivation, and a fit with our collaborative and innovation-focused culture, but this comes in many forms.

Why Imperial?

Do your research. We're not simply looking for you to tell us how good our reputation and rankings are, but why have you chosen Imperial out of the many MBA programmes out there, as (one of) the school(s) for you?

We know the features of our programme, but what really appeals to and excites you about the prospect of joining our next cohort?

This will demonstrate the depth of your research into your understanding of why an MBA really is the right next step in your career, and will also help us assess the 'fit' I have previously mentioned.

Career Planning

But I don't know exactly what I want to do … isn't that what an MBA is for?

We know that most candidates haven't firmly and finally decided on a single career path for them. However, we are experienced in assessing the difference between those who are undecided and exploring options with those who are totally lost. You probably have an idea of the two or three paths you may want to follow. A sensible explanation of such a path (or two) will demonstrate your approach and research - and separate you from those applicants who really don't know at all.


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Accredited MBA Fair 2015

Imperial College London will be exhibiting at our Spring Accredited MBA Fair 2015 taking place on 16 April at the Cumberland Hotel, London.

Our Accredited MBA Fairs are a great opportunity to see a selection of prestigious, accredited business schools in one place. They also offer you tasters of what an MBA course involves and advice on the admissions process alongside top level networking drinks.

For more information on the Fair: 

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